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W T F happened with the music in podcast #4?

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i thought the podcast was a great improvement this time - it had that 'professional' kind of air to it with the way it flowed together. so, many thanks/congratulations to all involved.

zaine finally convinced me to try xyplorer and i found myself chuckling to it throughout - at the correct places.

i would have prefferred for some of the sound levels to be different. i couldn't really understand what i was saying myself - i sounded a bit quiet i thought. admittedly, perhaps it was better to try and drown me out - it does sound like i need to talk quicker before the listener falls asleep.

but other than the sound level i think it was a brilliant job.

oh, i did miss hearing something from mouser.

i've just finished listening to podcast #4 and a big thumbs-up for everyone who was involved.. just like nudone said, zridling was so convincing that i had to visit XYplorer's website to find out myself...

btw, imho, audio levels can fine-tuned even more.. i'd like to suggest MP3Gain to JavaJones and Mukestar for this purpose.
other than that congrats to everyone. :Thmbsup:
maybe in the near future, i'll be able to muster enough courage to speak into the mike and contribute to a podcast... ;)


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