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Gmail to SMS - (and any loud, annoying iPad notification method)

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Steven Avery:
Or any email (e.g. Runbox) to SMS.

Preferably an option to just send the Subject line.

Obviously, the sending should be based on a filter (e.g. something in the subject line, or address.)

An account with Twilio (or CloudHQ or RedOxygen or another) is ok, if the price is right.

Also, I would like it to go to my Talkatone account (about 1/2 of SMS recognize such an account, Twilio works fine.)
Or find another method - I can try Skype number - since my normal phone is a clamshell.

The goal is to get the SMS on an iPad.
Even an Android is possible, especially if gives a better alarm.

I will look for more references to place here:

New References Coming Soon

POSSIBILITY - has the feature, will the free account work? 250 actions/month

"Send an SMS in Twilio on a New Email in Gmail"



Integromat - Free on 1,000, $9month/basic




CloudHQ has a plugin

They have a free account, maybe it works? 
And one for $10/month, which would be ok, if it does a few good things.

However, it looks to be manual send to SMS, not automated by trigger.

Same with RedOxygen


Gmail used to have a native method, like here, but I think it ended in 2014

Send Text Messages from your GMail Account (2012)


Apparently Gmail-Twilio-SMS needs some coding action.



In Business, great for new orders.

For car shopping (or any shopping) good for triggers from places like Craigslist.
(One car company, Autotrader, does have SMS alerts.)


We already have Google Voice which you get for free with your google account.  You can adjust the settings so that SMS messages arrive in your email, and you can even use email to reply to them.  I do this all the time.

If you want to send an email as an sms, most cell carriers allow it already. Take a look at this.

Steven Avery:
And I think the two solutions above are different:

Email Received -- > my-SMS (preferably VOIP Talkatone)


2) Send Email to SMS -

This I could use by a Forward or Redirect method.
However, it likely will not work with a Talkatone or Skype number, since it wants a cell carrier.

It should work if I switch to a SmartPhone (Android or IOS) rather than iPad.
Which is always a possibility.


1) Google Voice - SMS messages arrive in your email, and you can even use email to reply to them. 

However, my starting point is an email received (e.g. Craigslist.)


Talkatone I think uses Google Voice, for me it always seems to be transparent, although this article makes it sound complicated.

Have you taken a look at IFTTT?  And if you do decide to go that way, instead of using SMS, you might take a look at Pushbullet.  I have something like that set up where I install pushbullet on my phone, and receive the e-mail alerts for my site being down.


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