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VideoProc/Digiarty of WinXDVD Fame - ST FREE 4K/HD Capture/Edit/Download/Convert

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Digiarty - publishers of the venerable WinX DVD Software line - is having a Givewaway of
VideoProc for a short time:

 Watch VideoProc Guide on YouTube

Main Features:

Convert, edit, compress 4K/HD videos; download online contents, record desktop/iOS screen in 3 modes; convert & backup DVD. Uniquely adopting full GPU acceleration to boost processing speed with highest possible output quality.
● Convert video/audio/DVD to all popular formats: MP4 HEVC, etc
● Edit: trim, merge, crop, rotate, subtitle, effect, video to GIF
● Stabilize, de-noise, adjust speed/volume, compress file size, etc
● Batch download video, music, playlist from 1000+ sites
● Record full or part of screen on PC/Mac/iPhone (with webcam)

You can get the free version with full perpetual license for a short time here:

If it works as a screen recorder, does it include keystrokes as well as mouse cursor?

It does include mouse clicks (shown as a circle) and the keystrokes are shown too, f.e. if I do Alt+Enter the window menu opens and in the upper left corner the screen shows Alt+Enter in slightly transparent big letters to the viewer. You can even set it to give the mouse clicks in letters or just show the mouse clicks with a blue circle. I made a short screen capture and enclosed it for you so that you can see.

It is a really great piece of software, kept very simple and user-friendly, yet it has many well thought out features.

When you start it for the first time, it tests your graphic card to see what codecs it supports (note HEVC is H265) for encoding, decoding, what version of the codec and at what resolution. Then it shows that to you in a really nice way.

The download section supports more than 1000 video sharing sites to download your favorite music or video to your PC.

You can crop and edit and convert videos with it - remember it will work with 4K Videos too. You can also convert and reencode.

If you do the screen recording you can at the same time record your webcam so that the viewer can see you in the corner. Everything is adjustable - f.e. size and position of the webcam window, even take out your background etc.

I am totally amazed by it. It's such a big surprise to see the capabilities, because the GUI is so simple, and you think it is a very basic program, but it isn't it has stupendous capabilities, which I have never seen put into one piece of software like this.

It also can denoise or anti-shake a video, which is great for action cams. In fact an example on their website is using a GoPro ActionCam.

You can also convert 3D videos into 2D, burn subtitles, correct perspective, save everything to Matroska containers or many other formats and codecs.

They claim it is "The Only Full GPU Accelerated Video Processing Software" which can process full hardware acceleration and if you have a good video card can be up to 47x faster than real time processing. They have a chart: Up to 6x real-time processing with CPU only, up to 24x real-time processing when incorporating the GPU, and up to 47x with their unique full hardware acceleration which can peak Level-3 Hardware Acceleration. <they support Intel, AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

BTW it's quite a new product only being sold for leass than a year. It has 4k and I think even 8k capabilities, if your video card supports it (mine does not) :(.

They started a new website for it: which is really nicely made.

I think it's the next generation of their products, since less and less people are using DVDs.

Here is a well explained manual which very nicely shows most of the capabilities of the app:

They have an excellent deal, where you can buy a LIFETIME license - a lifetime full of upgrades - for just $29.95. Because this special Giveaway version is not upgradeable. Their normal price is $78.90 and they currently discount it 49% to the public on their website for $42.95. So in this special non-public deal you get another almost 30% off the discounted price.

Here you can buy the $29.95 lifetime deal:

Have a look at the enclosed short video, to see how the keystrokes are shown in the recording.

Thanks for posting this. Looks like an interesting bit of software. :Thmbsup:

It does include mouse clicks (shown as a circle) and the keystrokes are shown too, [...] I made a short screen capture and enclosed it for you so that you can see.-brahman (August 16, 2019, 08:08 PM)
--- End quote ---
Many thanks!  :)  Especially for taking the trouble to make the demonstration video.  You are right, it's an outstandingly good deal for a lifetime license, and I bought one.

I asked a similar question before, and ended up combining FastStone Capture with skrommel's ShowOff;
Display keystrokes in video?  This works even on Vista, but it's nice to have alternatives, and ShowOff's display isn't wide enough to show multiple key modifiers, e.g. something like Win+Crtl+Alt+Shift+F12.


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