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Aligning the icons - center

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try dragging the bar to make it a bit taller - lbc won't try to autosize itself for you to fit things - so it may be that you have 2 rows of icons now.

thanks mouser, you're absolutely right. i tried that before and i didn't think about it. no bug, i'm just dumb  :-[
i think my workaround solution to justify the buttons fails because of the screen resolution changes.
i guess i'll return to the floating mode with no additional spaces.

mimiihu: cranioscopical, try typing "align icons" at google. there's a couple programs called "align icons"
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the response, it was helpful of you.  I do have 'Align Icons' and it's useful, but it won't distribute icons on equal spacing between 2 points.

ill see if i can figure out some auto spacing options..

cranioscopical: didn't understand you earlier.. now, i'm curious to have a look at your desktop with the unique icon spacings.. :)


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