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Aligning the icons - center

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thanks guys. gee, now i'm all shy...  :-[
really, best app launcher ever. everything you need and more and it's freakin' smooth and fast. no delays, no freezes.

Off topic, I know, but this talk of aligning icons leads me to ask...

Does anyone know of a utility that will align and (more useful to me) distribute icons on the desktop?  OS/2 used to have a great tool to do this.  I want to select a range of icons and have the inter-icon spacing evenly distributed between the first and last. I'm seeking a utility that can do this horizontally and vertically.

correct me, if i'm wrong, but isn't this already can be done by right-clicking on the desktop?

lanux128: correct me, if i'm wrong, but isn't this already can be done by right-clicking on the desktop?
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the reply. I didn't mean 'align to grid'.  I might have one group of icons whose spacing I want to be different from another. This I can achieve by placing them individually but I'd like a utility to do it quickly and accurately. Align to grid is going to affect everything. I appreciate the response, though--I should have been more specific when posting.

cranioscopical, try typing "align icons" at google. there's a couple programs called "align icons" which install new align features to the right button context menu on the desktop. this is the most quickly and accurately you can get.
not sure if it does exactly what you want, tho.

to mouser, i found a bug concerning the docked bar.
the bar pic i posted was done on a 1280x1024 resolution screen in win xp. when i opened it in 1024x768 resolution in win2000 it only shows the first icon, like the image posted below.
now, it may be beacuse i used a lot of spaces in icon captions and the last icon got off screen.
doesn't it wrap automatically? and why doesn't it show all icons *but* the one who got cut off?
don't think the operating system matters.

can anyone confirm this? thanks.


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