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Refurbished or used internal hard disks 3½ 6TB-12TB

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Do you know about this ?
Have you bought a refurbished HDD ?
What is your experience ?
Best international links to buy a used hard disk ?

Thanks a lot.
Best Regards

The bigger the drive, the bigger the back you need to have for when (not if) it fails.

Second hand drives I would only use for data/content I am prepared to lose. In my (anecdotal) experience I have had nothing but trouble with refurbished stuff. Not worth the few bucks shaved of the purchase price. Maybe that has something to do with this part of the world. I am certain that the South American continent gets the rejects from the production lines for the (Western) European/US markets.

Yeah I can't see using them for anything but as redundant storage, when you were absolutely prepared to have them crash without loss of important data.

I'd rather play real-world roulette.


This is a NO !!!!!!!!!

A local technics tells me that refurbish in english is a repaired hard disk. Not simply a used hard disk.
Usually I don't see a test about the rest of the life of that hard drive.
Then I have an inquietude ....... Can anybody trick the information about the age of the hard disk or number of used hours like someones trick the count kilometer in a car ?

Best Regards


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