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NANY 2019: AHK Script Center

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Having created about three dozen apps over the last couple of years and finding too many false positive antivirus warnings this year, I decided to only post scripts in text format. Compiling AuotHotkey scripts produces an inconsistent and wide variety of responses from VirusTotal and similar testing sites.

In order to manage scripts and still allow neophytes to run them, I am creating an AHK Script Center. The program will allows users to:

* Run any script with a double-click
* Stop any running script with a double-click
* Edit scripts in the default folder tree
* Edit the AHK Script Center script if desired
* Check local script versions with online versions (left up to each developer to code this)
* Check mark one or more scripts so they will be auto started with the Script Center
* Stop all running scripts via a button or upon exiting the Script Center
* Set Font size and/or a Color Scheme for Script Center
* Add/remove Script Center to Windows startup
A demo of AHK Script Center and some screenshots are on this Blog page:

AHK Script Center

NANY 2019: AHK Script Center
NANY 2019: AHK Script Center
NANY 2019: AHK Script Center

nice job!!! :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:
looking forward to the full version...

I am confused as to why you call it the same name as the already well known AutoHotkey.exe ? I find this weird, even dodgy.

I am confused as to why you call it the same name as the already well known AutoHotkey.exe ? I find this weird, even dodgy.

-Curt (December 29, 2018, 02:06 AM)
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From what I see it is more like software that allows you to keep your favorite set of AHK scripts and runs them when needed. All of that in a GUI that is more usable than the one provided with the default AutoHotKey software.

It isn't a replacement, it is more like an supplement and likely some will qualify software like this an improvement that uses AutoHotKey as a base. Nothing wrong with that (in my mind at least). I am also looking forward to it.

The name can be anything one desires. I just chose AHK Script Center as it is a management tool for AHK scripts.

The two purposes for the program being: 1) avoiding antivirus false positives as the managed scripts are not compiled (or compressed with MPress / UPX), only AutoHotkey.exe and Notepad2.exe are present, and 2) allowing users to create a folder tree containing their favorite scripts and easily be able to distribute it to others if they choose to.

I have added a version column to the Listview which is pulled from the first comment line that is required in each script. This is just how I will allow the program to check online for version updates. It checks the local version number against a text file with the same name on my blog site. Users will be free to change that to suit their needs.

;Sample 1st line comment - This script does XYZ [include] | 1.11

The [include] tell the Script Center to display this script in the list of Available Scripts.
This allows users to only show finished scripts and ignore test scripts, secondary include files, etc.
Programmers can temporarily ignore any script by adding the word ignore in the first line.

The | 1.11 allows the program to split line 1 on the vertical bar and grab 1.11 as the script's version number.
If anyone has ideas on better ways to do this, they are most welcome.

I also changed the right-click option from a menu to a GUI. I found that right-clicking then accidentally right-clicking again in the bottom Listview would freeze the program. I never could figure out why. So, I switched to a small GUI instead.

I have updated the blog page for version 1.06.


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