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AceText - text & clipboard manager (for coders, writers, etc.)

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Basic Info

App NameAceTextApp URLhttp://www.acetext.comApp Version Reviewed2.0.2 - 22 July 2006Test System SpecsWindows XP (Home), 60GB HDD, 1024MB Ram, P4 4GHzSupported OSesWindows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000 and XPSupport MethodsE-mail. Has a very good help file.Upgrade Policyfree minor updates and bug fixes.Trial Version Available?Yes! I'm using it now! I wrote this review in it! 30 Day Trial; start up nag/splash and some functions disabled.Pricing Scheme$39.95 - 1 User LicenseAuthor Donation Link None. Screencast Video URLNone.
ClipHistory - Unlimited Cut, Copy and Paste

All Collections - Instantly Search All Your Clips

Recycle Bin - Rescue Deleted Information


This is is very cool. It's an information manager.. well, a text information manager, make that plain text :P
Which I think this makes it consistent to work with. You can write/paste/import notes, to-do lists, ideas, thoughts,
projects, any text in AceText and save them in a Clip/Collection. You can sort all clips by folders
to arrange them nicely and neatly.

But wait.. that's not all.. It's other power (one of the many few) is also a being a GREAT clipboard extender..
any power user needs one of these, and AceText is the program to use! This is an invaluable tool.. The text
handling operations you can do a far and forth.

Who is this app designed for
This app. is for people who have text going thru their clipboards/boxes obsessively.. people who need to store
all their text/code/notes/ in one place (you can encrypt Clips/Collections), basically any text goblin.

The Good

Well I work with text ALOT. I mean it, I do! This tool is one of my fav. apps pretty much. I can create entire
projects in this thing. I store all txt/code in here - saves having many .txt, etc. files with single
notes/ideas/snippits of code etc.

+The interface is very clear and appealing to the eye. (not as funky as editpad pro :P)

+The Clipboard functions are a powerful aspect of this program which helps with your text operations immensily.

Coding, writing, keeping notes, writing lyrics, collecting information, collecting links.. and more, you can do it all
with this program.

I used to have a lot of .txt files for each note or piece of code/text I had.. I store it all in AceText now.

+You can search all clips! Really great feature.

+Read and Publish RSS Feeds

Needs Improvement

I don't really know of any needed improvents yet. Maybe some one can help me out here..
I haven't really used it for that long. Only 5 days now with trial.. haha. But I know it's a program I
am going to invest on.

Why I think you should use this product

You should use this product because it's your text god! No seriously, any power user will consider this one of the

How does it compare to similar apps

There alot of other apps in this catogary (PIM).
This one is a coders/writers dream. The interface is professional, nice and easy to work with -
no icons/colours/etc. that distract you from your task at hand.

Easy to learn how to use.. The help file is very informative and teaches you how to use the program with ease.

The Clipboard history function only saves text which is consistent with being a hardcore text manager program.


AceText is a powertool for text handling.. a powertool for coders, writers, information collecters, and any one
working with text.

I give AceText a solid rating of 9/10  :Thmbsup:

Links to other reviews of this application

Google: acetext review OR reviews

Download site reviews.. with site quotes.. Note really worth linking.. (what?.. I only checked the first page of results :P)

hi mitzevo,
               nice review!

do you know which functions are disabled in the free version ?
Just curious :)
 I'm going to try it out anyways, sounds like it could be a replacement for Evernote which I've been using less & less of late.

Ahhh ... just noticed its a trial version, (not a free version then?)

Ok, I added "30" day trial to top of review.

As for EverNote, it sounds (and looks) like a good general note keeper.. with ton's of features, and etc.

AceText is more for coders/programmers with focused features.

Perhaps some one can write an official review for this category of tool and review both AceText and EverNote.


Wow guys, I never even saw this topic: General brainstorming for Note-taking software

Alot of good discussion on this type of software.. but still I think AceText is for the advanced user! :)

It seems alot of these type of applications exist/are being created.. Just like any other category of software.. we need to find the best of the best.. the one with the most useful features, etc. this ofcourse means we will need to make sub cats.. i believe its the only way seeing they each have different features and are based for different type of activities. but they all have one thing in common - taking notes, saving text and from there each program pretty much has it's own features or similar features of each other.. I say you don't really need all that..

It's logical.. seperate content from design (AceText; no UI eye candy custimization, etc.) and you get the job done faster and efficiently ;D.

Okay I'm probably going to go a bit off topic here,
&\or because ..
me, I'm about as opposite as you can get from a programmer (!)
I am interested in some sort of clipboard "Manager" that also saves txt notes - I've been using PowerPro's clipboard menu feature for the clipboard bit but dont find it that great.

Curiously, I've only now seen Mouser's Clipboard Help & Spell
Maybe I'll check that out first :D
regards, tom

I am interested in some sort of clipboard "Manager" that also saves txt notes
-tomos (August 05, 2006, 02:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

If that's all you want, try the free version of ClipCache (1.41).  A copy can be found at

The latest, shareware version is at


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