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NANY 2019 - StringSimilarity - Release

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NANY 2019 Entry Information
Application Name StringSimilarity Version Short Description Compare 2 strings/texts giving a distance/proximity score using several algorithms Supported OSes Windows 7 or newer (.NET 4.5 or newer required) Web Page StringSimilarity page Download Location StringSimilarity page System Requirements
* Windows 7/8/10
* .NET 4.5 or newerVersion History
* 2018-11-24 Added Load from (txt) file feature.
* 2018-11-11 NANY Release. Show all algorithm results in a grid
* 2018-10-26 (not released) Added extra algorithms, restore screen size/position and settings.
* 2018-10-24 Initial releaseAuthor Link to Ath's Profile page

As a response to a request by HelmutWe I searched and found an algorithm that seemed to match the request, and folded that into a C#/WinForms application.
After adding a few similar but different algorithms, also found on the internet, and re-shaping the UI a bit to handle larger texts and a results grid, the current incarnation is now available.

Used algorithms and sources:
AlgorithmSourceJaro-WinklerRonnie Overby's Jaro-WinklerDamerau-LevenshteinWicked Shimmy's Damerau LevenshteinF23 Sorensen-dice coefficientFeature 23's StringSimilarity.NET libraryF23 Cosine similarity(see above)F23 Jaccard index(see above)F23 Normalized Levenshtein(see above)
Compare 2 strings/texts and calculate their similarity.

Planned Features
Allow to select 2 files and determine their similarity

Requested features
Make available as separate dll for use from other tools (undecided yet)

Initial screen:

Comparing Similarity and Simelarity

- Unzip the file to it's own directory
- Run the exe
(A settings.xml file will be created when closing the application)

Using the Application
- Enter some texts to compare
- Select desired options
- Results are updated immediately when both strings are non-empty
- Results can be sorted by clicking a column title

- Close the application
- Remove all files

Known Issues
To be reported by users, none so far...

(Reserved for future use)

very nice  :up:

I love such stuff, cool project!
Thankyou for wrapping it up so far!

Is a export things to dll planned? ...for programmers reachable by Api with functions you let us use...

StringSimilarity has been updated to 1.3.0, adding the ability to load text from txt files (*.txt or *.*), no file-content check!

Also, the download has been moved to my DCMembers space, link available from the first post, above.

Is a export things to dll planned?
-KodeZwerg (November 11, 2018, 05:59 AM)
--- End quote ---
Haven't decided on this request yet, as it's quite a bit of work for such a small feature-set :huh:
What would you want to use it for? Or would a command-line enabled version (with somewhat formatted output) suffice?


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