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N.A.N.Y. 2019: remv: Rename files (and directories) with regular expressions


Just throwing together my other 2019 applications before writing new ones...

NANY 2019 Entry Information
Application Name remv Version 2.0.0 Short Description A sane way to rename files/directories with a regular expression. Supported OSes Any, as long as we have a C++17 compiler. Web Page Download Link Attached in the "website" topic. System Requirements
* Binary: Windows.
* Compile yourself: Any that has a new(ish) Clang compiler set.Version History
* check constants.hppAuthor whatever
remv should solve my regular problem of having to recursively rename files according to a regex pattern.

- Renames files and folders.
- Can simulate that as well.


(Sorry - attachments don't currently work.)

Unpack the .exe anywhere (or build one wherever you want).

Using the Application

--- --- USAGE:
        remv [COMMANDS]
        remv [OPTIONS] <regex> <replacement> [<startpath>]

 OPTIONS (any combination):
        -r      Recurse into subdirectories.
        -E      Skip file extensions while renaming.
        -d      Also rename directories on the way.
        -s      Sets the start directory to the last parameter;
                else, remv will start in '.'.
        -f      Only replaces the first occurrence in each name.
        -v      Verbose logging.
        -vv     Very verbose logging.
        -n      Dry run - don't modify anything just yet.

        -V      Display the remv version and exit.
        -h      Display this help screen and exit.

 You can use $1, $2 etc. in your replacement strings for back-
Delete the executable file. You might want to add its path to your %PATH% if you want easier access.

Don't.  ;D

Known Issues
It sucks!

Intriguing...and I look forward to using it in the future should the need arise.   :Thmbsup:

Thank you!  :)

Nice - Reminds me of a program I used long ago, called gren (which was just a compiled perl script afaik).
Archived page here (from 2002)
"GREN can do all things DOS's RENAME can. However, GREN's power comes from being able to understand Perl's regular expressions (REGEXPs)."

I still have the program although I haven't used it this decade - attached for those interested as the archived download link might not work.

Never heard of that! Too late now - damn.


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