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Setting process priority not working with Windows 10?

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hi, I just downloaded and installed ProcessTamer on my Windows 10 64-bit system.  The reason why I did this is that I need to set the process priority of one of my processes to "above normal" - and this should be remembered each time this process gets started.  Hence, besides "above priority" in column "Priority, under "Explicit Rule" I put in "force above normal".  I guess that's exactly what I am supposed to do.
However, whenever the given process ends and get's stared again, the process priority is "below normal" (the way it's been all time so far) - so ProcessTamer obviously does not do it's job in this case.
I guess I remember heaving read somewhere in a forum that as of the Windows 10 Creators Update, such changes to a process priority, by whatever tool, is no longer possible.
Is this correct?
Or do you have any specific advice to me as to how I can get this setting done effectively?

It sounds like you were using it properly..
If the app is running BELOW normal, that sounds like maybe it is forcing itself to be below normal, and it may be that it's changing itself after PT changes it.  I'm trying to remember how PT works when an app changes itself after PT changes it.. whether it keeps trying to change it or gives up.  It sounds like it may be giving up.

Can you try this beta version for x64 -- it may improve the behavior:

Let me know either way.

I think there will be some improvements soon in PT..

hello Mouser,

the link you provided for downloading a newer beta version did not lead to a download page.  Also, a search with other links, like:
Unified win32 and x64 setup betas:


Or if you prefer portable version:

    x64 version:
    and win32 version:

did not work :-(((

how can I obtain the beta version you are recommending?

The link he provided leads to a post, which has some download links on it.  Do those links not work for you?  I see them as live, even though the forum munges the links.

quoting here (and altering the text so it doesn't show the munged URLs and it becomes a bit more obvious):

Unified win32 and x64 setup betas:

* Unified Setup
Or if you prefer portable version:

* x64 version: 64-bit portable
* and win32 version: 32-bit portable
--- End quote ---

Ah it looks like they didn't make it when we moved sites..
I've reuploaded them -- please try again now.


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