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Bug: Screenshot Captor switches into different resolution during screenshot

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It seems working fine after configuring sc  .exe properties as in attached screenshot.
-danipg (June 03, 2019, 09:48 AM)
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also solved the problem for me ... (RDP into 4k Screen Setup ...)
thx! :-)

Thanks for posting this solution and others for posting reports that it works -- I'll have to remember this thread if others have problems.  :up:

This fix (adjusting the High DPI .exe Compatibility Settings per the previous post) is not working for me. Are there any other potential fixes.

UPDATE: Solved ---  Uninstalling with REVO Uninstaller, having it clean leftover items and letting it clean the Registry and reinstalling fixed the issue. Settings for the .exe are default, "not modified" per the earlier post.


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