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Bug: Screenshot Captor switches into different resolution during screenshot

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Correct, it is the dialog that has the preview and says "You have captured a new screenshot, what now?"

Yes, it is frozen till I hit 'Alt+Tab' and go to any other window, or back to itself, and click back on the dialog. It will then be working.

Ok let me see if I can't solve that; I don't normally have that dialog enabled so it doesn't get much testing..

I had the same shift+print screen problem this week with my new laptop.  High DPI laptop with a lower resolution monitor, the capture window was getting magnified.  I was able to fix it by going to the ScreenCaptor.exe file and right-click to set Compatibility -> Change High DPI settings -> High DPI scaling override -> Application.

After many years using Screenshot captor on windows XP and windows7 without problems.

Unfortunately I am forced to use windows10, and I have the same problem with  a laptop connected to a external display.

It seems working fine after configuring sc  .exe properties as in attached screenshot.

Before I tried several combinations without luck, such as
Both with text at 100%,
Both at 1680x1050
1680x1050 and 1680x1080  (150%)
1680x1050 and 1680x1080  (100%)

in any configuration the default print screen function, on each screen captures the full screen plus something else (part of the other display or just a blank-white area)

I blame on Microsoft and its beta Windows10 which reminds to much to the old windows millenium.

Windows 10
-bubbajunk (January 08, 2019, 09:42 AM)
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It seems working fine after configuring sc  .exe properties as in attached screenshot.
-danipg (June 03, 2019, 09:48 AM)
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i was having the same problem and after making this change, my problem is resolved

Thanks !!


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