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Need help finding M3U?

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Newbie to all this.
I am trying to find the M3U url for a local news station in USA.
Trying to use the Snooper but dont know what to look for. Been searching internet on how to use it, but not having anyluck. I want the M3U link so I can add it to my Kodi player so I can watch my local news.
Here is the web address.

 thank you in advance.

Hi There - This is a Messy stream result, but in Google Chrome if you Paste this link, it will download a M3U File.
Open that File in VLC

I hope this Helps?

Thanks for trying, but its just a recording from earlier in the day, not live.

Hi Mrekimf

Let me try again, in a bit.
How far have you managed to get?

wont work for me in VLC, doesnt do anything. On my android phone i clicked on your link and it opened right up.


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