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Need help finding M3U?

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I have found a Key
jwplayer.key = "tnXS1eijyN7RYS3NrG1GsIwVZ92Gwd2Gu6Q80A

But I need to wade through tonnes of scripting

Ohh Hold on, did you say it worked on your Android with Live TV?

    var waitingVideoURL = uplynkPrefix + "6bad0d90ffd94df48f98da1e37fcea05.m3u8";
    var midrollBreakVideoURL = uplynkPrefix + "6bad0d90ffd94df48f98da1e37fcea05.m3u8";

I think I have got it

Open In VLC

that last one is a Alaska channel, mine is in Missouri

Mrekimf - I have done the hard work for you, you need to try and work out from the link I posted how to solve this one.


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