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NANY 2018 Release: cnpaperplay - Codenames /Codenames Duet Play on Paper Clone

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How do I randomize the wordlist via command line? It keeps creating the same 10 books with the same word order each time. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi ThR1LL.

This is by design so that games are predictable between users.

You can use the --seedstart option to pass in a different seed number which will generate different random values; every time you use a different seed number you will get different games.

It may seem confusing but the idea was that YOUR games #1-10 would be the same as MY games #1-10, for easy comparison and playing together.

So the way I do it is I don't change the see, but I just make a pdf with like 500 games, and then just print a few of those at a time.  I thought I had an option where you could tell the program what game # to start printing at, but it seems I was wrong; I should probably add that feature.

You'll find commandline options in the readme.txt in the documentation folder:

--- ---//---------------------------------------------------------------------------
usage: [-h] [--language OPTION_LANGUAGE]
                 [--wordfile OPTION_WORDFILE]
                 [--patternfile OPTION_PATTERNFILE] [--outpath OPTION_OUTPATH]
                 [--turncount OPTION_TURNCOUNT]
                 [--mistakecount OPTION_MISTAKECOUNT]
                 [--goalcount OPTION_GOALCOUNT] [--seedstart OPTION_SEEDSTART]
                 [--gamecount OPTION_GAMECOUNT] [--bookname OPTION_BOOKNAME]
                 [--format {html,pdf}]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --language OPTION_LANGUAGE
                        language name (specifies a subdirectory of the data
                        directory where wordfile and templates will be looked
  --wordfile OPTION_WORDFILE
                        filename (word list text file to user; should not
                        include subdirectory; will be looked for in
                        data/language and then data/ directories) (each word
                        should be on its own line)
  --patternfile OPTION_PATTERNFILE
                        filename (optionally with path) of card coloring
                        pattern data (each line is a triple specifying
                        cardcount, player1color, player2color); just base name
                        no subdir
  --outpath OPTION_OUTPATH
                        path to save output files
  --turncount OPTION_TURNCOUNT
                        number of turns per game
  --mistakecount OPTION_MISTAKECOUNT
                        number of mistakes allowed per game
  --goalcount OPTION_GOALCOUNT
                        number of goals needed to win game)
  --seedstart OPTION_SEEDSTART
                        starting seed number to use
  --gamecount OPTION_GAMECOUNT
                        number of games to generate
  --bookname OPTION_BOOKNAME
                        base name of book output files
  --format {html,pdf}   final output format (should be html or pdf)




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