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Android: (Wired) File Transfers from PC

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Weird, I have used this method on my phone, which is a Huawei P8 with Android 6 (EMIU 4.0.3) and barely anything else installed, and this method works perfectly for me...I use my phone in the same way as I use an USB drive, when it is connected by WiFi or USB cable.

Works almost as easy and fast as on my previous Nokia Lumia phone (which was from an era when Microsoft still put the Nokia name on their Lumia devices).

Desktop computers are usually not equipped with a wireless networking card. BlueTooth is also not a given on a desktop. And both of these connections are very slow when compared with transfer speeds accomplished by a cable. A cable already being used to slow-charge the battery in your phone. While writing this down, I realized that the smartphone I currently have been using for 7 months or so, has never been charged with the original phone charger, but with the exact same cable that has been charging my Lumia (still came branded as a Nokia) for four years.

There is no doubt in my mind that Wireless transfer is deemed more popular with the general populace, but when people would take the time to measure transfer speeds between a cable and wireless, they would favor a cabled connection. Then there is the bonus of the battery being charged as well. It takes about 2 hours to get my phone from 20% charge to fully charged.

Since my desktop has 8 USB ports readily available, I don't mind sacrificing one to have my USB transfer/charging cable permanently attached. In about 2 seconds or less my Android  6.0 phone is connected by USB and in my case the phone is configured to act as a standard pen drive after being connected this way. It might take just as long to set up a wireless connection between devices through a wireless connection, but that will drain your battery and takes longer.

WiFi is just a (and definitively not THE) solution for people that don't want to see a cable.


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