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Smartphones - use this search string for an easy comparison between 2 models.


I got this (new?) tip from Gary North's newsletter (see below). I'd not come across this before. It seems to work rather well, despite potential ambiguity and imprecision with or without the syntax he suggests - e.g., I fed the string "Lumia 830 vs Samsung S7" (without the quotes) into duckgo and got a good result.
Google is introducing a new feature: a comparison option for smart phones.

It isn't universal yet. It is in limited testing mode. But it may be
operational for you.

(1) Type a quotation mark.
(2) Type a smart phone's name and model.
(3) Type vs.
(4) Type another smart phone's name and model.
(5) Type a quotation mark.
(6) Click.
- See what you get.

The story is here:

My wife is shopping for a smart phone. Sadly, the search did not work.

Gary "Dumb Phone" North

Visit my site,, for the latest charts on the U.S. dollar, gold's price, and Federal Reserve statistics.

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Reminds me of an excellent website I used to use where you could get several cameras lined up for comparison, in columns, on one page.

xtabber: lists detailed specifications on just about every mobile phone and allows you to compare up to 3 at a time.

Note that the depth of information provided may be somewhat intimidating to non technical viewers.

Note that the depth of information provided may be somewhat intimidating to non technical viewers.-xtabber (November 13, 2017, 08:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

And sometimes incorrect for phones because they usually only bother with North American and/or Europe versions.

Go to the manufacturer and get the specs if you want facts, eg. Moto G5+ XT1685 is listed as 3GB/32GB RAM/Storage, this is only true for the EU version. Asia Pacific version is 3GB/16GB or 4GB/32GB.

I like overview section of
It gives the major / best compared features at a glance.




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