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Printer printing fuzzy

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I have a problem with my printer, it prints fuzzy. I was thinking that it's because it rests in an unstable surface, but even if I stabilize it, it stills print like that (doublis letters).

The printer is Canon MG6450 and I did both deep cleaning and realigning of the heads.

Any hint?


It seems an inkjet printer.

Probably the head is in the refill of ink. This is probably damaged.

When you change the ink probably goes better.

It is an inkjet printer.

Why changing the ink will get better and not by re-installing the ink?

Also it is strange that some lines are ok, and some other are fuzzy. Can this help to differentially diagnose?

The most practical cure for a fuzzy ink jet printer these days is:

* Unplug the inkjet printer
* Place fingers under each side of the printer
* Lift printer about 3 inches off the table
* Rotate 180 degrees and carry the printer to the nearest trash can
* Release printer into trashcan
* Go online and order replacement printer
Inkjet printers are so cheap -- with the cost being mainly due to ink, that when an inkjet printer starts acting up, unless it is some serious pro-quality printer, your best bet is to buy a new printer and not waste ink on your old one.

And I was about to literally follow the instructions!  ;D


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