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Printer printing fuzzy

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I know that printer but the problem is that it cannot scan my passport or a credit card or anything like that.
-kalos (September 11, 2017, 05:29 PM)
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I had a laser OKI C3530 . Now nothing.
My customers send me photos by email, by whatsapp, etc.
I take sometimes photos with my smartphone "in situ" of the documentation.
If I need a real scanning work I prefer to go to the copy store.
I have made a space and occupied with my famous six monitors.

At the present moment almost everything is digitalized . I almost don't use paper anymore.

For a time I was thinking to buy a powerful sheet scanner, but this is very expensive and I don't need. I sent the works by email to customers. Completely digitalized. I only need contact physically with the custumer or client the first time. I deliver at distance the work.

At the prsent moment I can take photos of my cards or personal documentation and send anywhere by whatsapp or email.

If you only need to make copies of a card or personal identity printer with a manual scanner for about 50 dollars may be enough


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