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IDEA: (10+2)*5 Timer

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this might be a good time for JacobB to think about any specific details he thinks would be good for the user interface (ie showing task name somewhere? blanking screen when you are in break mode?), etc.

I thought of maybe some icon that would site in the tray and show the progress of the 10 minutes (even a single digit 9 to 0 to show how many minutes left is enough).

Or maybe an small progress bar that's always on top of other apps.

When it's time for a break, it should notify me somehow, but not lock the computer as the TakeABreak :), because sometimes we would want to continue to work for a few more minutes. (blink the icon?)

At right-click, there should be options: Start 10 minute work, Start 2 minute break.

Keep in mind, that when we get so efficient, we might want to change to (12+3)*4 or something.  8)

When I was thinking about this, I thought of displaying the time left as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the tray icon.

But then a thought occurred to me...

Clock watching when you are supposed to be working is a distraction...not a good one either. You would probably get more done during your 10 minutes of working if you weren't thinking about how many minutes you have left to work.

If this is going to be an anti-procrastination tool, maybe it would be best not to tell you how much longer you have to work till your next break.

But for the break, you should be able to know how much time you have left.

I was thinking of when the program loads, showing you a message box that says 'Time to work!' and when you click OK, the 10 minute timer will begin. When your time is up, another message box will pop up that says 'Take a break!' and when you click it, your 2 minute break will begin. When your break time is up, another message box will say 'Back to work!'. After it has looped the 5 times, the final message box will say 'Good job! You are done!'

I can give you a small options panel where you can set the work time length, break time length, and number of times it repeats. (just in case you want to adjust it) I may use this myself with a 60-10-3 instead of 10-2-5.

I promise I will not lock your pc during your breaks, and I'll make sure you can keep working if you wish. The point to this is to get work done, right? Not force you not to.

Maybe someday if you break the procrastination habit, you will need the TakeABreak.  :D

So what do you think?

app makes a lot of sense about not displaying the countdown - clock watching never helps.

app103 and nudone, you're right.

Also, maybe that I should be able click to "Start to work!" or "Take a break" before the 10 or 2 minutes are over.


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