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IDEA: (10+2)*5 Timer

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I know that there are allot of timers and clocks out there, but this one is specific for the "Work The Dash and Take a Break" formula discussed at

The idea is to have a timer that will run for 10 minutes doing a task, then take a 2 minute break, and repeat 5 times, and you have 1 hour of work.

This would be a great help for procrastinating people like me. :-[

Many thanks.

this is a perfect coding snack request.. it's exactly the kind of fast prototype thing that deserves to be implemented.
maybe app can adopt her stopwatch/timer, or skrommel can adapt his tasklog util, or someone else wants to give it a try?

 :) Will my TakeABreak do, or is the *5 very important?


skrommel you need to make a (10+2)*5 specific mode! otherwise it's no fun!

ok...i'll do this one :-)


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