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For those with a CrashPlan...

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Apparently you do not have such a plan after all.

The company behind the CrashPlan cloud service, just announced that they stop with their services for consumers and only focus on companies. That is until 23 of October 2018, after which the whole service wont be available anymore (for consumers).

Perhaps solutions like Borg backup prove to be the best action plan for online backups. Well, you can host all of your backup needs yourself, but it also allows for (partial) hosting at family, friends or others.

On a personal note: because of this sudden turn in business plans I don't have much faith in cloud based backups, especially for the consumer market.

Looks like arqbackup is a decent enough alternative for those that do not wish to host any form of cloud themselves.

Came here to post about this as well. Sad to see CrashPlan stop their consumer service, for my needs they have worked really well. I have an "unlimited" SpiderOak backup running as well, so I will probably just use that when CrashPlan stops working.

They point users to Carbonite, but that looks somewhat too much geared towards people who have no idea what they want and just need their Documents folder saved. Also the Basic tier seems to require you to manually add every video file you wish to backup :huh:.

I also have Arq, which I use for small backup sets, it works quite well :Thmbsup:.

That sucks.. CrashPlan has been my backup plan of choice.
CrashPlan was *not* cheap, even as a home user, so I wonder what the reasoning was behind the decision to stop offering the service to home users.

FWIW, iDrive is now doing 2TB and 5TB personal plans that allow you to HDD seed and HDD recover, another possible choice.

* Not recommending them one way or the other, do the research.

Some of the other services also appear to smell fresh meat:


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