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For those with a CrashPlan...

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4wd: (August 24, 2017, 05:47 AM)
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Re. BackBlaze, unless they've substantially changed the way the backup works then by default it does a backup of everything.

You have to deselect what you don't want it to backup ... and you can't deselect the OS drive, which in my case is the easiest to restore.  Having to deselect what you didn't want a backup of was an absolute PITA when you have more than one HDD.
Plus if the machine doesn't access the account at least once every 6 months the backup is removed ... that is just wrong considering you're still paying for the service.

I logged on to DoCo today for this reason as well.

Pretty shitty decision by the Code42 folks - sure, it's easier dealing with companies than regular plebs, but they could have kept the service running, and focused their marketing drones on recruiting companies.

What are the alternatives these days? I need something that offers me control over what to backup (preferably folder-based and with regex, or at least extension-based exclusions), a good amount of online storage, and ability to do simultaneous local backup is a plus. E.g. basically the CrashPlan feature set - something that's not Java-based and thus uses less memory would be nice.

I like SpiderOak's zero-knowledge philosophy, but their UI is quirky, and last time I used it (several years ago), it was both very CPU-intensive, as well as having really slow speed to their backup servers, from my location in Denmark.

I haven't checked if Carbonite suits those needs, but from the website it seems to be very focused on simple end-users.

There's Glacier, depending on your needs.  Definitely not for the end user, and more of an archiving service than anything else, but you can use something else to back up locally, then copy those images offsite using Glacier in case of total disaster.

Apps that support that sort of paradigm include:

And here is a quick guide to backing up with Glacier:

I backup my needed files to my Synology NAS, then upload them to Glacier.  I also back them up in OneDrive.  I don't have a fast restore option using images.

I'm personally not really super interested in various cloud storage providers - that kind of stuff is interesting in its own right, but Crashplan was a backup solution. So I'm first and foremost looking for a new backup client that can fill the void... this does include online storage as part of the deal, whether the backup service's own or tight integration with some other provider.

Is Amazon's Glacier a proper backup destination, if it's your sole remote? I thought it was pretty slow + "expensive" to get stuff out of Glacier? One of the important things wrt. backups is testing your backup archives regularly, which doesn't seem to fit too well with Glacier's model...

Also, nice little Carbonite burn from the Backblaze offer ;-)
There are no extra charges and no limits on the size of your files — no matter how many videos you want to back up.
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I agree with most of what f0dder says... but I also was wondering if there are any that have easy integration with a synology NAS. Crashplan had a hacky way to run the service on the NAS rather than your computer. While I did not use this method, I was always interested in it and will make that a part of my search criteria (whether it drives my choice remains to be seen!).


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