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4t Tray Minimizer updated



Setup size: 840 Kb

What's new in 4t Tray Minimizer 5.52 Free/$20 Pro?


    Ability to customize the action when clicking on the standard window buttons. To customize the action for all application, see the Additional actions for the standard window buttons section in the Titlebar page of the Options dialog.
    To customize the action for favorite application, see the Additional actions for the standard window buttons section in the Titlebar page of the Favorite's option dialog.
    Ability to hide task bar button for a favorite applications, see the Hide task bar button option in the Hiding page of the Favorite's options dialog.
    Ability to free used phycical memory of the hidden application. See the Free physical memory option in the Hiding page.
    When a favorite is being hidden, hide all windows of the same process option in Hiding page of the Favorite's option dialog.
    Ability to minimize window to tray automatically when it is displayed for first time.


    Customizing actions for 4t Tray Minimizer tray icon, see the Interface page of the Options dialog
    Large font support
    Ability to customize the action on Alt+F4 hot key
    Ability to show additional titlebar buttons on non-standard title bar
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4t Tray Minimizer Free/Pro - Minimize any application to system tray!
You can minimize to tray any application like: MS Word, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc

4t Tray Minimizer is a lightweight but powerful window manager, which helps you to free up space on the desktop and the taskbar via the following actions:

    Minimize To Tray - any application can be minimized to the system tray.
    Roll Up/Roll Down - you can roll up any window to its title bar.
    Make Transparent - you can make a window semi-transparent and take a look at foreground windows.
    Hide/Show The System Tray - hides the system tray.

The Pro version allows you to control the behavior of your favorite applications: how and when they will be minimized to tray; customize its keyboards shortcuts for launching, restoring or hiding actions; minimize them to tray at start up and more...

Some benefits of the Pro version:

    Would you like to hide your favorite program instead of closing, because it is loading for a long time and you don't want to wait while it will be launched next time? You can redefine the reaction to its close button click and it will be minimized to tray instead of closing. Next time it will be restored much more quickly.
    You can define one hot key to launch, restore and hide the favorite application. When you press the hot key you don't care where your favorite application right now is: it will be launched if it was not running yet; it will be brought up if it was inactive or minimized to tray

The Free and the Pro versions let you to customize the hot keys both for the standard windows actions and for 4t Tray Minimizer actions:

    Minimize All Windows hot key, Minimize Window and Maximize Window hot keys
    Minimize To Tray hot key, Hide Window hot key, Minimize All Windows To Tray hot key, Roll Up/Roll Down hot key and more...

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Favorites (Pro version):

    You can quickly activate and bring up the favorite application. You can not worry about the current state of the application. If it is not running yet, it will be launched. If it was minimized or hidden, it will be restored.
    You can fully customize how you want to minimize your favorite application to the system tray. For example, you can override the standard reaction: on the minimize button, on the Close buttons and on the Alt+F4 hot key.
    4t Tray Minimizer can minimize application to tray at startup or at other triggers: when the application is becoming inactive; when the application is minimized to taskbar.
    Ability to hide task bar button for a favorite application
    Some application can restore itself from the minimized state. 4t Tray Minimizer allows you to block self-restoration if the application was minimized to tray.
    Quick launch. You can easy launch new copy of your favorite application.
    The Only one instance can be launched option allows you to limit instances of your application. When the second instance is launched, 4t Tray Minimizer terminates it and brings up the first instance of the application.
    You can customize Minimize to tray / Restore hot key and quickly switch your application between its minimized to tray and foreground states. Also if you use Launch if not running option, the same hot key is able launch your application if it isn't running yet.
    Minimize to tray all instances of the favorite application. You can easy minimize all instances of the favorite application to the system tray. For example, a few windows of Internet Explorer or Firefox may be easy minimized to tray. Of course, you can restore these hidden instances as soon as you wish.
-4t PRO
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What's new in 4t Tray Minimizer 5.52 Free/$20 Pro?-4t
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-Curt (August 11, 2011, 11:40 AM)
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Now it is at version 6:, and the size of this release candidate "6.04" has grown to 1.72MB - but don't we all grow when we get older. There are still two versions, free and Pro (still $20).

The homepage has not "yet" been updated to display version 6, it is still saying version 5. I don't know if I am fast or if he is slow. I do know that 4t Tray Minimizer Pro is a really fine and useful program, but I wrongfully never trusted it to be maintained, so I haven't purchased the lifetime license:

it took two years to go from 6.04 to today's 6.05 RC2. Let's hope the time was spent well. 4t Tray Minimizer 6 Pro (6062-3)

What's new in 6.05 RC2?


    Windows 10 support
    Windows 8 support
    Support for console windows
    Ability to redefine action for the mouse click on the title bar
    Inactive favorite windows can be automatically minimized to tray after certain idle time is reached
    Localization support

    French, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, and Italian languages added.
    Auto check updates


    Technical support wizard was redisigned and improved
    User interface improved


    Error when changing item in Options>Titlebar>Standard titlebar and Options>Interface>Tray icon lists.
    Favorite's options>Automatically>Minimize to tray when it's executed but wait for N seconds did not wait for console windows.
    Windows 8: windows menu of Windows Explorer did not close after choosing 4t Tray Minimizer commands.
    Wrong site link in Tech Support application
    Additional window menu did not respond for Opera browser.
    Windows Explorer crashed randomly.
    Additional title bar buttons were not always shown for 64-bit programs in Windows 8.1
    Additional title bar buttons were not shown for Office 2013 after launching
    Chinese language did not display correctly in main menu and toolbar
    Hide tray feature: empty icon may show while restoring tray area.
    minor errors
-4t Tray Minimizer
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4t Tray Minimizer 6.07
still Free or $20_Pro
Dear Subscriber,

4t Tray Minimizer Free 6.07 is just released and available for download:

You can read full list of changes here:

Please feel free to contact our Support Department via 4t Tray Minimizer->Help->Technical support if you have any problem with this version.

Sincerely Yours, Robert Calvert-4t Niagara Software
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