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What is now the best dialog box enhancer/extender?

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@Curt: Many thanks for posting about FBX (FileBox eXtender) from

I had downloaded this in 2011, into my "Applications To Trial" folder, but never got around to actually trialling it as I was too busy migrating to another laptop and then forgot about FBX.
After reading your post, I thought "That sounds familiar", did a search of my disk and backups and found the 2011 downloaded file, which has the same checksum as the same/"latest" file version (v2.01.00 64-bit) as is still free + unsupported (discontinued) and available for download on

So I installed FBX, and am now experimenting with it.
I already like how you can choose to set it to put those rather useful "Roll-Up/Down" and OnTop (Pin) buttons on every Window - and those are just incidentals!
I had been looking for something like that for ages.     :-[

There is an excellent Help file with it and I like how the source code is provided as well.    :Thmbsup:

Filebox eXtender x64 is working flawlessly on my Windows 10 Pro.
-Curt (April 23, 2017, 06:33 PM)
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Curt, thanks very much for posting this! Works great for what I want to do (most used is setting up favorite folders) and the extras are very useful.  :-*

I've found RecentX to be pretty well designed. Have a look here.

Another good application is TechHit's QuickJump. Go here.

The folks at TechHit know a thing or two about implementing instant / incremental search. I ended up buying a copy of SimplyFind for Outlook, which uses pretty much the same philosophy.


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