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NANY 2017: Oplop for Windows

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"Generate account passwords based on a nickname and a master password."

NANY 2017:  Oplop for Windows NANY 2017:  Oplop for Windows NANY 2017:  Oplop for Windows

"Oplop makes it easy to create unique passwords for every account you have.  By using some math, Oplop only requires of you to remember a nickname and a master password to create a very safe and secure password just for you.  You get to choose the nicknames you use for each of your accounts so they act as a mnemonic, letting you make sure they are memorable.  And your master password you only have to choose once as you use it for every nickname you have (hence the "master" part).  That means you can have safe and secure passwords for all of your accounts simply by remembering one master password and easy-to-remember nicknames for each of your accounts you use Oplop with."

Oplop has been coded in many implementations, but I never found one for Windows desktop.  So, after many years of just wondering, and after skwire and Ath put together the brains part of this for me, and mouser thought it would be a good idea to try, I finally did try to put a Windows GUI together.  I used AutoIT for this program, source code has been added.  There is a unused function that I am noodling with to test the complexity of the resultant value.

I have never 'shown' my programs to anyone but myself.  I claim no copyright to the code (or even any ego), both as skwire and Ath did the hard part, and the concept of the project has been in use since 2004 (

Any and all comments are welcome.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Oplop4Win.txt (8.15 kB - downloaded 544 times.)

I cannot tell if the EXE uploaded or not (perhaps there is a delay to scan the application).  Please let me know if that is the case, or if I somehow did not upload correctly.  Thanks.

There are no attachments on your post.

Could you please also attach some screenshots and such so people can get a better idea of how things work?



I got the screen shot to show.  I cannot seem to get the EXE to show / upload??

I fixed it.


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