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NANY 2017: Oplop for Windows

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Yeah I think we have to remove the EXE with so many flags even if they are false positives, just because the site will start to get marked as dangerous.  But the source code download is what people probably want anyway.
-mouser (February 09, 2017, 12:50 PM)
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mouser et al, I totally understand and agree, remove the exe.  I do not want any code of mine to cause the site's reputation to take a hit.  I respect and support this site and its goals / coders.  The source code, as a text file, is there for any to review / compile in AutoIT.

If anyone does review it, either just as the text file, or in AutoIT, any thoughts and comments are welcome.

My apologies if I have caused any hit on the site's rep scoring.

No need to apologize -- these antivirus false positives are absolutely infuriating and unfair.

In this case the solution is simple and easy, especially since for security software having the source is always preferable.


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