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Folder Sorter by IMDB genre / ratings

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first of all, hello to all of you!

i am here because i am in need of some tools to help me out in my sorting things...

I need to sort several movies folder names by genre.

the name of the folders are like this.


so, the app should read the folder name, identify the movie name Jeremy Clarkson Thriller and move or create a symbolic link into a Sorted/Genre folder.

Not sure if i was explicit, feel free to ask.

i may need to add other options into the application.

Feel free to email me or pm me. I am willing to pay for this :)

thank you

SortMoviesByGenre creates links to movies, placing them in folders of genre, based on parts of their filename. :)

Folder Sorter by IMDB genre / ratings

I'm not sure how standardized your foldernames are. I added an option to separate the title and genre from the rest of the folder name by a user defines text, but maybe separating by genre would be better? I could add all the IMDB genres to the file, and use that to split the folder names.

Download and install AutoHotkey to run the script.
Save the script to a text file called SortMoviesByGenre.ahk and double click to run.


--- Code: Autohotkey ---;SortMoviesByGenre.ahk; Create links to movies, placing them in folders of genre, based on parts of their filename;Skrommel @2017 #SingleInstance,Force#NoEnvSetBatchLines,0 IniRead,moviefolder,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,moviefolderIniRead,sortedfolder,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,sortedfolderIniRead,separator,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,separatorIf moviefolder=ERROR  moviefolder=C:\MoviesIf sortedfolder=ERROR  sortedfolder=C:\SortedIf separator=ERROR  separator=.DVD,.CAM,.XVID Gui,Add,Text,xm,Folder with moviesGui,Add,Edit,xm w300 vmoviefolder,% moviefolderGui,Add,Button,x+5 w50 GBROWSEMOVIE,&BrowseGui,Add,Text,xm,Folder to put links sorted by genre intoGui,Add,Edit,xm w300 vsortedfolder,% sortedfolderGui,Add,Button,x+5 w50 GBROWSESORTED,B&rowseGui,Add,Text,xm,Text separating title and genre from the rest of the name.`nUse , between separatorsGui,Add,Edit,xm w300 vseparator,% separatorGui,Add,Button,xm w50 GSORT +Default,&SortGui,Add,StatusBar,,Skrommel @ 2017Gui,Show,,SortMoviesByGenreReturn  BROWSEMOVIE:Loop{  FileSelectFolder,newmoviefolder,% "*" moviefolder,3,Select folder with movies  If ErrorLevel=1    Return  IfExist,% newmoviefolder    Break  MsgBox,% "The movie folder could not be found!"}GuiControl,,moviefolder,% newmoviefolderReturn  BROWSESORTED:Loop{  FileSelectFolder,newsortedfolder,% "*" sortedfolder,3,Select folder with movies  If ErrorLevel=1    Return  IfExist,% newsortedfolder    Break  MsgBox,% "The sorted folder could not be found!"}GuiControl,,sortedfolder,% newsortedfolderReturn  SORT:Gui,Submit,NoHideIfNotExist,% moviefolder{  MsgBox,% "The movie folder could not be found!"  Return} IniWrite,% moviefolder,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,moviefolderIniWrite,% sortedfolder,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,sortedfolderIniWrite,% separator,SortMoviesByGenre.ini,Settings,separator SB_SetText("Sorting moivies into " sortedfolder "...")Loop,% moviefolder "\*.*",2,0{  first=999                                           ;Extract title and genre  Loop,Parse,separator,`,  {    StringGetPos,pos,A_LoopFileName,% A_LoopField    If (pos>0 And pos<first)      first:=pos  }  StringLeft,titlegenre,A_LoopFileName,% first   StringSplit,part_,titlegenre,`.                     ;Extract genre  genre:=part_%part_0%    title=                                              ;Extract title  Loop,% part_0-1    title:=title part_%A_Index% " "  title=% title   FileCreateDir,% sortedfolder "\" genre                ;Create link  FileCreateShortcut,% A_LoopFileLongPath,% sortedfolder "\" genre "\" title ".lnk"}SB_SetText("Finished sorting movies into " sortedfolder)Return  GuiClose:ExitApp

Wait.. what just happened?  :huh:

Maybe @skrommel responded to the OP through a wormhole in the space-time continuum, or som'at.
It's a funny old world.



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