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Does anyone here actually use the Microsoft Store?

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I think I only have 2 apps from there, one of which is a freeware video downloader for Netflix, the other is the Fitbit app for Windows.

Yes, when it makes sense. It rarely does though, so for the most part I've only purchased games which I can't get anywhere else (Forza Horizon 3, Forza 7, Gears 4 etc.).

I also much prefer installing certain apps such as Spotify from the store, as opposed to getting it from the developer directly. This way it's completely contained, so that when you're uninstalling it wipes every trace of it from the system. This and easy updates is more or less the only thing I really like about using the store.

Haven't used it, wouldn't touch it with a red hot poker.

So...I just ventured onto the MS Store to download Audible.

I had no choice to do so, seeing as the official download from the Audible website directs you to download something that looks and acts like it was made in 1997, then prompts you to download ANOTHER bit of software in order to access your audiobooks (I mean....Audible is purely for audiobooks...why do I need 2 things to do the 1 thing it should already do?)...when you try to sign-on from the first software, all the buttons open things in INTERNET EXPLORER (like...I could maybe understand it opening EDGE...but when you download the "Download Manager" doesn't even work...the login page uses some sort of embedded browser object which doesn't even work because it can't run scripts so just crashes out.

So yeah....if you want Audible for PC...don't download the software...get the app from the store.

I actually really like the MS Store for free apps that are essentially the same as the "regular" desktop builds of other apps. It installs and uninstalls things cleanly, automatically keeps things updated, etc.


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