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Does anyone here actually use the Microsoft Store?

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This summer will mark the 3-year anniversary of the launch of Windows 10, and as someone who entirely skipped Windows 8, it marks 3 years since I was introduced to Windows 10's built-in Microsoft Store. And while I have used it occasionally to install a free app here and there, it was only in the past week that I actually considered buying something from it.

This got me wondering: Does anyone else here actually use and buy apps/games/books/videos from the Microsoft Store?

Not for games/books/videos, but yes, for apps.

Index Cards: (free, but got the Pro upgrade)
Mindmaple Pen:
Knowledgebase Builder:

And more... it helps that I received a $25 credit when I bought my HP stream tablet.

My major problem, and the reason I wouldn't put any real money into the store, is that a couple of apps that I paid for are not on the store at all- the links from my receipt are even dead.  They weren't major purchases ($2.99 and $.99) but that is money, and should be handled better.

Only thing I have used it for was to get the Sonicwall Mobile app (free). On Win 10, if the classic Netextender doesn't work, then the Store version might. (FWIW didn't work for me, however the classic version did, but we have other users in the company where they needed the Store app.)

On a very few occasions I did enter the store to find out about a tool. But that was when I still had a Windows 8.1 phone. For Windows on my computers I never saw the need to enter the MS Store. Never spent any money in there, that is certain.

I bought about a dozen items since the dawn of the store. about 50-50 games and apps. Apps mostly pen related. I almost never browse the store, usually I see items talked about elsewhere.


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