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Recommendations for where to get SSL Certificates?

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The DonationCoder SSL certificates need to be renewed soon, and I'm looking for affordable recommendations.

In the past we've used StartSSL which I've written about.  Their prices were wonderful, though I found their process painful and confusing.  And worse, I understand that the certificates from StartSSL will start to be marked as untrusted soon for reasons that are slightly beyond my ken.

We have a main website domain, and a couple of side domains (, etc.), plus a need for a code signing certificate.

Any recommendations would be welcome.

LetsEncrypt is an option.  I didn't do it because my current server doesn't support the automated way, I wasn't going to do commandline, and I wasn't going to switch servers just for that.  But if your server supports it, or you're not averse to doing it on the command line, take a look.

LetsEncrypt looks awesome.. I may very well try it.
Looks like they don't do code signing certificates so that will have to be handled someplace else regardless.

Edit: I will definitely revisit LetsEncrypt in the near future.  For now I am trying Comodo's InstantSSL and the process seems to be pretty painless and fast thus far.
They will generate 90 day ssl certificates for free so its a great way to test things.

The new SSL certificate is on the DonationCoder https server as we speak.

What is the URL for InstantSSL?  When I look it up, I get several results...


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