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notepad calculator?

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Thanks @x16wda @flamerz

OpalCalc looks nice, requires .net 3.5, the most smaller and featured .net notepad calculator at moment.
OpalCalc although is "small, 1mb~ requires .net 3.5 and uses 18mb~ ram

However CalcTape have a "modern" interface which it doesn't look bad at all, and I don't see any .net as requirement.
indeed CalcTape installed is 29mb~
but are: CalcTape.exe 9.8mb~ and 20mb~ in dll wich are just translations, you can eliminate those you don't want.
CalcTape uses 4.5mb~ ram
so CalcTape have nice features, translations, without .net requirements and uses less ram.

is winning CalcTape :)

FWIW, I don't have the Windows version of CalcTape, but think well of the ANdroid version.

I have added a link to Numara, it is open source and available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and on the web, built on Electron, powered by Math.js.

I have also added Calculor, it is very small and complete, although it is not a "Notepad calculator" it is excellent, it has very good tools that a standard calculator like windows does not have, like variables, and everything can be done in a single line with immediate results.
It is my favorite now  :)


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