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notepad calculator?

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I'm searching by a free windows calculator with notepad style.
My favorite one is SpeQ Mathematics, although is not more update is small, simple and works good.
However, it does not seem to work with percentages.
I can't make things as declare a variable x=10% or make a sustration as 200-10%
I wonder if SpeQ have some way to works with percentaje.

Another good one is CalPad by TekaGen.
Is small, fast and works with percent and variables.
However this requires .NET 4.8 to works, I would like find something like this but without this kinds requirements (.net, java, etc)

another good one is nekoCalc, this does all this, just in a simple website, the cons, is online, requires a web browser :P

SpeQ Mathematics:
TekaGen CalcPad:

Tried RedCrab Calculator already?

Hi Shades, I've tested RedCrab now with your comment.

This requires net 4.0, i think this is better because requires then a minor version of .net than CalcPad by example, is be able of work on Windows XP also.
However have their cons too.

1. It looks more like a spreadsheet than a notepad

2. Uses much more memory than CalcPad
CalPad starts with 18mb~
RedCrab starts with 80mb~

The start of redCrab is a bit slow.

Opalcalc is the best one for my day to day use

You could try CalcTape. Free version uses about 30mb, does percentages and appears to do variables as well. It saves everything on a tape and you can edit the numbers and it will recalculate. You can purchase the pro version for $6.95us for more features.

I have seen a lot of folks here praise Opalcalc as @flamerz said. I generally am satisfied with the Windows or Android calculator so you have to make your own value judgements.  ;D


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