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Evernote and Rightnote integration

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I thought I might be able to chip in with something useful/informative here:

* Quite coincidentally, I have been trialling RightNote on and off for a while now, and only yesterday upgraded to the latest version for trial/evaluation.

* I have to say that I rather like it. It seems like quite a good PIM, and it does a pretty nifty job of importing entire Scrapbook collections (Scrapbook the Firefox add-in) of web pages and snippets. I note that it also operates as a client for imported Evernote data - which I consider a good idea that could well fill an otherwise seemingly empty niche. It's also able to accept import - though only via copy-and-paste - of many/most OneNote objects - and without apparently changing them. I'd not met anything that could do that nicely, so far.

* Otherwise though, I'm not so sure about it. Exporting stuff out of it seems not so easy and like a lot of PIMs it is ergonomically kinda idiosyncratic. It seems to have a good GUI and a really good hierarchical navigation tree of "topics" - redolent of InfoSelect - but I can't see how to re-use a record under one topic in another topic, without having to duplicate that record first, which seems kinda dumb. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?    :tellme:
EDIT: There's an awkward kludge/workaround for this - using the Folders and Tags.


* By contrast, I'm also trialling GeneralKB, which has really nifty features that would make it a brilliant pukka free-form relational database - except that they don't seem to work and I am wondering if it isn't really abandonware with an incremented version number, or something. It just sits there "not responding" and has to be terminated via Process Hacker and then restarted to see what it might have succeeded in doing, if anything.     


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