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Evernote and Rightnote integration

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Steven Avery:
Has anyone been using the Rightnote integration with Evernote.

They both are fine programs, and of course if you are using Rightnote the integration will give you a nice cloud and tablet accessibility plus.

What if you are using Evernote as your base note system?  Then, do you find that Rightnote adds much? 
You have multi-layer folders.  Maybe it can look nicer.

Not being too concerned about the $ aspect (you may already have a Rightnote license) do you find that you actually end up working in Rightnote, rather than the Windows Evernote Desktop Client (where I do most Evernote, with a little auxiliary jotting on the road) ?  What are the main pluses that you find in Rightnote usage?    Any problems?



I have a Rightnote license.  And I don't use it, for many of the reasons you say.  It doesn't really add anything, IMO.  And the Evernote desktop client is a lot better to work in IMO.  And I gather a lot in Evernote with the webclipper- why would I gather it, have it synced up, then have to sync down in order to work on it.

I use Evernote.
I rarely use Rightnote; when I do it is because it has the spreadsheet option.

Steven Avery:

Can you give an example of using the spreadsheet option. 
Why use Rightnote compared to a dedicated spreadsheet, like in LibreOffice?
Is it because you are using it with personal notes?  Or for export?


Steven Avery:
This is on sale again today.

I am still tempted, I am trying to play with it.

One element is keeping notes from various Evernote accounts handy without special permissions within Evernote which can break the bank of the Basic,Premium etc.

Spreadsheet might be good.

They advertise some organizational elements.

My first possible concern.  Each Evernote Notebook opens up a full-blown Rightnote Window.  In my case, I would usually like to see notebooks open up as a tab within a Rightnote instance (at least as an option).  This is the type of natural use of tabs.



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