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Looking for smartphone

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I was considering the Pixel 4a for a long time, mainly because of the good camera (+ related software), but instead of getting cheaper it got more expensive: the €320 intro offer went up to 350 eventually... The 4a 5G OTOH came down from €499 to 399. So I got the 4a 5G, delivered today (I just setting it up now).
Extra over the 4a is:
a wide angle camera / a better processor / larger battery / larger screen / 5G, possibly other bits and bobs.
For €50 more, it seems fair enough.

I would have liked the recycled aluminium back and the gorilla 6 screen, and the waterproofing of the Pixel 5 -- but to have to pay €230 for those features wasn't that attractive.

The 4a 5G OTOH came down from €499 to 399. So I got the 4a 5G, delivered today (I just setting it up now).
-tomos (February 08, 2021, 04:21 PM)
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Some random thoughts. I haven't even really tested this much, but can say the camera is miles ahead (that wasn't intentional @Miles :-)) of my last phone the Moto G6. Fwiw I always thought the G6 camera was good until I printed out a bunch of pictures lately (over sharpened, too much noise reduction, really did not look good).
The pixel camera is so much better -- a much better dynamic range, colours are fairly good, is great at night in town, good in low light. But I still feel kind of disappointed. They've had the same camera sensor and software for years. At 12 megapixel, it's fine -- you could print quite large if you wanted to. But as there's no real zoom, zooming in means cropping at best (or resizing at worst). They missed an opportunity to keep ahead of (or keep up with) the pack here -- even 16 or 18 MP would have given users much more freedom to crop.

Otherwise: screen is lovely, I find I'm using the phone instead of my tablet to watch videos/TV. Android 11 is nice, lots of dark. A few bugs, but that's life I guess. I'm happy with the purchase, don't know would I have been if I paid more (it's currently 50€ more than I paid for it).


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