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Looking for smartphone

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When looking to purchase something, I generally start by reading the Amazon one star reviews. That can get depressing though, cause there doesnt seem to be anything out there that doesnt come with problems -- maybe a lot of that is to do with the minimal quality control these days.
-tomos (July 02, 2020, 03:28 PM)
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I know what you mean about the very negative reviews.  I try to read somme positive ones to start.  But I keep an eye out for minor disappointments about a feature that may be more important to me than the general user.  Then I check out a couple of the "do not buy this piece of crap" reviews just in case there is a major problem that does not show up on all units.   ;D

Moto G 5G Plus is available for pre-order in the EU, specs look impressive for the price.

One of the new mid-range phones using the SD765 5G SoC.

Looking for smartphone


Pixel 4a  ~340€ // super (OLED) screen (some people have problems with the PWM they use to dim OLEDs, havent heard an in depth report about this model); super camera, great night-time shots; small (a pro to me)

Poco X3  ~250€ // good (LCD) screen, high refresh rate, but variable -- which causes it to stutter when speeding up; very big (this a con to me)

As you can see my main focus is on camera, and screen quality, and size. The really good low light camera makes the pixel a favourite for me atm (otoh my current phone is still working fine so, no rush).

I noticed on my last two phones that the automatic system updates pushed on me really slowed booting and also made the phone act flakier than it was out of the box.  Now that it is almost too late to do any good I found the slider in Developer Settings to disable automatic system updates.  When I get a new phone I need to remember to look for that setting and disable it before they have a chance to foist the update on me.  :)

I just thought I would pass it on since getting a new phone has many distractions and it is very easy to forget pitfall avoidance settings of this nature.   8)

Now that it is almost too late to do any good I found the slider in Developer Settings to disable automatic system updates.-MilesAhead (October 08, 2020, 11:35 AM)
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PSA: To get to Developer Options, go to Settings->About Phone and tap on Build number seven times :)


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