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Feature request: emoji support


If I copy an emoji from e.g., CH+S saves it as ??

Any chance this gets added?

Would still love to see this feature added, more than ever

CHS now has support for copying all sorts of formats and extended character sets, unicode, etc.
See the alpha download here:

Awesome!!! I'm on my way to try it

The emoji support doesn't fully work.

If I copy something with an emoji, continue on my way and later that day, paste what I copied via the Quick Menu or the Main Window, it works as expected and the emoji are pasted (even if they appear as ?? in the UI).

However, if I try to paste the same copied line via the Main Window the next day - having turned off my PC overnight - the emoji isn't included in the pasted text, it's replaced by the ??.

One thing worth mentioning, possibly related: when I started using this alpha (2.52.0), one of the first things I did was restore a db backup made with the latest stable version of CH+S. When I did that, it threw an error about something related to Blobs, but it the backup was restored and I see all my old copied content, including images, in the Main Window of the alpha.

Edit: just noticed I don't have the latest alpha. I'm going to get it and try again.

Edit 2: installed the latest alpha (it says 2.52.0 in the app), didn't restore my backup, used it for a while and then rebooted. Emoji and non-latin (Hebrew) characters are being pasted fine, so perhaps it's the restoring a backup from the stable version that ruined things earlier. Going to try that now.

Edit 3: the restore was successful and I can see past copies, but if I try to paste anything at all, I get this error: Feature request: emoji support. I also noticed this in the lower lefthand corner: Feature request: emoji support. However, once I exited the app and launched it again, it works fine.


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