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TeamViewer hacked?

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I don't use TeamViewer, but I know that it has been discussed several times here as a solution for remote access to PCs.  It's being reported that TeamViewer's systems have been hacked and that the attackers used the access they gained to also access end-user machines.

The reports include PayPal accounts being emptied and items ordered from Amazon and eBay.


Thanks for the update, that's a scary possibility.  I'll note from the web page that TeamViewer denies they've been hacked.

But it sounds like those of us who have TeamViewer running in the background need to keep a close eye on it and maybe disable it for now if feasible.

TeamViewer denies they've been hacked.
-mouser (June 01, 2016, 06:53 PM)
--- End quote ---

That's true:

However there are a lot of people on reddit reporting being attacked, and the reports seem to be spiking today - a week after the TV denial (which strikes me as curious, but I don't know the history behind this story yet).  Maybe it's a case of Teamviewer users being easier than usual targets for some reason or that they are targets that have higher than usual 'yields' for the hackers.  So as you said, it would be wise to be cautious.

Should we perhaps changed the topic to a question, instead of stating it like fact?

good idea, done.


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