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Capture Window does not capture open menu

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So I'm making screenshots of a program I wrote so I can create documentation.
I want to document the menu commands.

So, with my program open, I open the File menu and push shift+printscreen, which is my command for capturing the window.
I also like my mouse captured.

But the result is my program's window with the mouse and the File menu in the pressed state - but no menu!

The only thing I can do is to use a custom capture and then use repeat region afterward.

So I think that "Capture Window" should capture menus, too.

Use a delayed capture, so you have time to open the desired menu.

Ath - I don't see why I should need that - I open the menu and then I push the hotkey.  The menu is already open. 

Besides that, delayed capture doesn't capture it either.

there's no reason the menu shouldn't be captured.

if you use normal prtscr hotkey to capture whole screen, is it captured then?

does the menu disapear from your actual screen when it fails to capture? i.e. does it close up? some hotkey combinations can cause that but it sounds like you are saying it stays on screen just doesn't show on the capture..

No, the menu does not close when I push the hotkey.
Mouser, Yes, a full-screen capture captures the menu.
And a "grab selected region" captures the menu.

But grab "Active Window" does not.  Apparently, the menu is not part of the Active Window.


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