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Microsoft Word seems the most stupid thing

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so why not use a dedicated tool like PDF split and merge instead of kludging it with word (I assume you're using word to establish some sort of work flow)?
-Target (December 28, 2015, 09:48 PM)
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I am combining the pdf files in that way, but I have to insert manually the pdf's.....

Yes I would like to use word to establish the work flow is possible because I begin my work with a word file. Then insert the pdf objects, and finally trying to print in order.....


The trick to get is how to print the pdf inserted as object.....
The trick is the script to combine and mount all the documents in a final pdf from the word file as the rule.


Don't even try to work with PDFs if you can avoid it. You will have nothing but pain. PDF is a one-way thing.
-Renegade (December 29, 2015, 01:35 AM)
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Bad news then.

How can I insert a code to indicate to vinculate a PDF inside another ?

(Something similar to link a several text pages to a word document)


I could be wrong, of course, but I recall reading somewhere (possibly New Scientist?) that, according to research (from something named the US Dept. of Climate Change and Incomplete Research, or something) in 2014, it was the high correlation of problems like this - i.e., difficulties when working on and manipulating PDF files - with increased suicides in the Los Angeles area that gave rise to the hypothesis that Adobe may have inadvertently invented the ultimate "killer app".

Celebrating New Year a little (too) early, wrong IainB? Most people are aware that such killer app was first introduced by Slartibartfarst, but it turned out to merely be a killer nap.

I agree with Renegade, PDF is not to play with, only to fight with.

When I once had a printing job like the one Contro described, I printed each document (1 Word + 3 Pdf) - and only afterwards, I manually mixed the printed papers, to make it look as if it all was one big printing job.

If I had to do it again, I would first convert one or the other format. All pdf, or all Word.

Then we have other problem to solve. I am sure is possible to solve :

Joining PDF files in windows from the command line

Joining PDF files in windows from a batch file

Joining PDF files in windows from an autohotkey file

Mergint PDF files in windows from an autohotkey script able to determine where put the pages from each component PDF in the final PDF

An interactive script of course....


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