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Microsoft Word seems the most stupid thing

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I thought of that, but its not exactly intuitive, and he would need to be able to clearly lay out all the steps.

if it was laid out in a text file I suppose you could read that into a batch...hmmm...
-Target (December 29, 2015, 11:14 PM)
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Lots of folks have made GUIs for PDFTK, more or less useful.  PDFLabs has one bundled with the download, but others are:
- PDFTKBuilder

IIRC, I even came up with a GUI for it written in AHK that did a few trivial operations; it's really not too difficult once you get the hang of what you want done and how to interact between the GUI interface and the command line options. I also have a small batch script I wrote for my wife for bundling numbered PDFs in a folder to a single multi-page PDF.  In other words, I found PDFTK's learning curve challenging but not insurmountable.


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