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NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser

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Thanks for the post Iain.

I will do the following in short order:
1. Add a new option to CHS to cusotmize the "Browse Image Directory" tool (I thought I had already done this but maybe not) so that you can use MousersMediaBrowser(MMB) for exploring clip image directory.
2. Make MMB work if you pass it a file name (like you did above when you got the error) and have it open the containing folder and select the image passed -- so you can use it as you attempted.

@mouser: Thankyou for this!    :Thmbsup:
Apologies for my belated response, but I only just now read your post. I have been a bit distracted by domestic events lately - the short explanation of which is that I have almost come to the end of several years' litigation, having been made nearly bankrupt by a previous business partner who apparently misappropriated approx. $60,000 of loan capital and, by a process of deceit and legal subterfuge, took further of my equity, leaving me with the debt to repay and no legal recourse for enforcing full/fair restitution.
The net effect of this is that I am obliged to sell up my home to pay the debts, leaving me unable to afford to buy another. By the end of this month I will have moved my family to somewhere where we can almost afford to live. I am in the process of pulling my 2 children from the schools they are currently happily attending and relocating them in new schools in the target zone.
It's all my fault for placing implicit trust in my business partner in the first place. I hadn't realised that I might be being set up.   :-[
Though my business partner seems to have acted dishonestly and out of venality/greed, I don't think they could have done more harm to me and my family than if they had deliberately intended it. It's very strange.

Ugh that's terrible -- I'm so sorry to hear that.  It sounds like there is nothing to do but plow forward and do it, and things will get better after you are settled.

^^ Iain, sorry to hear that news -- I wish you the best and hope things work out well for you all

Thankyou for your commiserations all!

Big digression from the topic of the tread, but follows on from above:___________________________
For me it is a setback all right, but there's only one way to go and that's forwards.
It's rather sad-funny as well.
Prior to engaging me in the start of litigation, the person "X" had sent me an email that included this:
...I reviewed the study materials from the Philosophy classes, one topic talked about the basis of our thoughts and decisions. I then examined my conscious.  This much I know - all my elements: Manas, buddhi, chitta and ahamkara are influenced by sattwa energy. Not by Rajas nor Tamas...

--- End quote ---

This was a rather laughable and enlightening remark insofar as it spoke volumes about the person who wrote those words, since it illustrated that:

* (a) they apparently had not understood their philosophy classes and thus had an almost complete lack of understanding of what it was that they were talking about, and
* (b) how they were in an illusory ego-driven state called ahamkara - a state where they were unable to see the unpleasant reality of what they had been doing to others, and what they had become and were becoming.
The ego fiercely protects one from perceiving the truth that one is "bad" or "wrong", since it is difficult to live with oneself when once one sees the awful and unpleasant reality of what one is, has done, and does. Most criminals in jail are in ahamkara - they have to be, so as to avoid living with the truth about themselves. It's probably a survival mechanism.

I showed the email to a very dear friend (Ivan) who was dying of cancer - and who has since died. Ivan was a long-time student of Sant Mat and had studied for years under a teacher in India. I had introduced Ivan to X.
During his study and meditation, Ivan had years ago put himself through the furnace and confronted the very unpleasant reality of what he had been in the earlier stages of his life, and he was repentant.
When he saw X's email, he became very concerned indeed for X's karmic health. As he put it:
X's simplistic description demonstrates that they evidently do not understand the Vedic philosophy nor the implications of what they have written. One cannot know - by definition - what state one is in, but only strive to perpetually improve. So to claim that one is in this or that state is absurd and a self-delusion. Because one might prefer to believe that one is in an elevated state of consciousness (as X apparently does) does not make it so. Quite the opposite - though it might be what one insists or strongly "believes" is true of oneself, it is not real/true. It is one being trapped in ahamkara - a complete illusion about one's self-identity coupled with (in X's case) the concept of satva.

--- End quote ---

If you click on the link to ahamkara, you will see it defined and described, and there is an example given of Rudolph Hess' ahamkara and his making what must have been a monumental effort to dig himself out of it shortly before he was executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity - at which point he became repentant and asked for God's forgiveness for the dreadful things he now saw that he had done. He had been unable/unwilling to see them before - and that was ahamkara.

My dear friend X seems to have been (and still is) in that state also, and I appreciated that I was thus unable to reach them, so I never replied to the absurd email and simply waited for the legal threats to arrive (which they did, in time). Ahamkara is an illusion that one's own ego/mind constructs and then fiercely defends. The key to escape from the illusion of ahamkara similarly rests within oneself, and the motivation and action to escape it has to come from within.
Ivan's serious concern was that X might go to the grave still unrepentant and stuck in that very bad karmic state - a sort of huge negative karmic debt/burden carried forwards to the next reincarnation. A Christian would probably see it as dying unrepentant of the sin on one's conscience.

X can be said to have had their head messed up at an early age by some pitiable childhood experiences - especially a rejection by, and lack of love from their parents and relatives. However, at some stage one has to understand and face up to the fact that what happens to one and what one does in adult life is largely within an internal locus of control - not an external locus of control. That is, it is not all the result of the doings of other people or circumstances.
Similarly I recognise my contribution to this as being my gullibility in blindly placing great trust in someone whom, in retrospect it seems could categorically not be trusted and who was pathologically unable to honestly manage money or take responsibility for their dishonest acts and for the consequences of those acts.
More fool me, I guess.    :-[


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