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NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser

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This will be a small utility for browsing directories containing images.

I decided to make a standalone utility that could be used as a helper for other tools, like my other NANY (Automatic Screenshotter).

It will start out with a fairly simple feature set but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Key feature:

* Lots of viewing modes to find the one that works best for you.
* Option to show recursive contents of folder tree (with search filtering and sorting)
Note that there are excellent powerful free image viewers/browsers (irfanview, xnview, etc.), and it would be foolish to try to compete with these.  My aim here is to make a more streamlined, focus helper utility.

NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser

NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser

NANY 2016 Pledge/Alpha: Mouser's Media Browser

Early pre-release download (only suitable for advanced testers; others should wait for real release);


Updated (update check, if enabled, should alert you).

The last version I uploaded was in debug mode, so it would have run slower and created a debugout.txt file (sorry!); you can delete the debugout.txt file.

I downloaded and installed this to the FARR Plugins directory, and me and my 5½ y/o son were trying this out today. It's quite a nice media browser (is it intended only for photos?).   :up:
Ergonomically it's a bit frustrating as it takes a while to load a large directory of images - as does xplorer², which also incorporates a multimedia (image, video and sound, and text and multi-document file types) browser.
I'd be interested to see where the MMB (Mouser's Media Browser) is headed though.
What do you see as the planned functionality for MMB?
Dare I ask?: Had you considered incorporating it into CHS somehow? CHS already incorporates a .PNG file viewer.
Maybe CHS could do with the facelift!?    :D

For comparison, there is an excellent image/video database and viewer built-in to Google's $FREE Picasa3, and it treats images/videos as external objects and their metadata (e.g., EXIF data) as data. It is very quick to search/find and load a photo/video file, because it dynamically indexes them and their metadata into a database, but that means that it won't necessarily "see" or be able to display thumbnails of the newest media images until it has got around to updating its index with them (which it does reasonably quickly after startup). Once started, it seems to sit watching the OS for any new image/video file activity and can be set to dynamically report on same as it indexes them. It seems quite fast/efficient.

EDIT 2016-01-03 0547hrs: Oops. Nearly forgot to also mention:
Universal Viewer v5.7.3.0 (nov 2012) ($FREEware) is an advanced file viewer for wide range of formats. (Two application versions are available: Free and Pro.)
Supported file formats are:

* Images: all major graphics formats: JPG BMP ICO GIF PNG WMF TIFF PSD..., over 40 formats. Also RAW images from 400+ cameras are supported.
* Multimedia: all major media formats: AVI MPG WMV MP3 MP4 FLV MKV..., over 170 formats.
* Word: file types of MS Office Word: DOC DOCX.
* Excel: file types of MS Office Excel: XLS XLSX.
* PDF: Adobe PDF format, plus DJVU XPS CBR CBZ.
* RTF: Rich Text format.
* Internet: all file types supported by MS Internet Explorer: HTML XML MHT...
* Text: text view for unknown file types. Files of unlimited size can be shown (even 4Gb+ sizes are allowed). All major text encodings supported. Unicode/UTF-8 views are present.
* Plugins: all file types supported by Total Commander Lister plugins.

--- End quote ---

I was using an obsolete older version (v5.7.2.0) and just updated it after visiting the website.   :-[

Dare I ask?: Had you considered incorporating it into CHS somehow? CHS already incorporates a .PNG file viewer.
--- End quote ---
yes this is one reason i wrote this tool -- so i can bundle MMB as a tool to other programs like CHS, to let people browse their clipped images easily.

as you say there are some good (free) image browsing tools already, some of which use a database of thumbnails so that they can be very efficient once indexed.

i do have a few things i want to add to MMB:

* Including video thumbnais
* Adding a details-view mode that will let you see list of files without thumbnails, which should be faster.
* Adding a virtual date hierarchy folder view, which will be very neat way to browse images by date.


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