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MFCRecorder - Continued

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Interesting. Did you update FFMPEG recently? Usually the file format of the stream is broadcaster independent. Did the model change cameras or software they are using, or is it more than just the one model?
-Asudem (February 08, 2016, 02:21 PM)
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Nope.  In fact, it is doing this when just dropping in the newer .exe in the old folder.  It looks like it may be the ffmpeg call that changed.  I haven't had a chance to debug it, but i'll check it out.

In the original version, the audio used to be transcoded to MP3 which I think is incompatible, (or not recommended), for Transport Stream container.

From the original:

--- Code: C# ---//Create process infostring pararms = string.Format("-i \"{0}\" -c copy -acodec mp3 \"{1}\"", this.URL, path);ProcessStartInfo oInfo = new ProcessStartInfo("ffmpeg.exe", pararms);
The current version accepts the streams as they are, h.264 and AAC (ADTS muxed) which are just saved as a Transport Stream.

EDIT: It would be good if it could go back to encoding the audio to MP3 and then muxing into an MP4 container as that can be directly imported into a NLE, eg. Sony Movie Studio.

I'm not sure how successful this would be though as currently the program streams in the TS are perfectly in sync, as soon as you transcode to an MP4 or MKV container the slightest glitch in one of the streams throws the syncing out badly.


i would like to say thx for the work,... to "continue the MFCRecorder",... :Thmbsup:

your sources would be available ?,...


For the noobs out there. Use this, it's malware free:


For the noobs out there. Use "MFCRecorder2", it's malware free.

-rqqt (March 13, 2016, 03:36 PM)
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I've tried a couple of other scanners, and it's come up clean.  As there are such things as false positives, especially with virustotal, we'll let Asudem reply.


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