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MFCRecorder - Continued

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Greetings everyone,

I have recently gotten permission from the original author of MFCRecorder, AnonCapper, to modify his code and continue the MFCRecorder as I see fit...

If you are here to argue the moral issue of what this program does, please take a look at this thread which discusses in depth the legitimacy of downloading streams on a forum entirely dedicated to downloading streams. If this tool did not exist, a million other methods exist.

The thread will be quoted here as I also back what they say 100%:
Streaming media recorders (software capable of recording audio and video streams) such as Replay Media Catcher or WM Recorder are intended for use as personal archiving tools only. Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any audio material you record.

If you like a broadcast you've recorded, please buy the media! Our web-site is not intended to be a replacement for the media stores, rather it allows you to listen/watch and make an educated purchase.

There are many good reasons to buy music videos, movies and video tutorials:
[*]You help support an artist, moviemaker, author, ...
[*]Your video files will be of the highest quality
[*]You'll sleep better knowing you did the right thing.

There are a lot of means to protect streaming media from illegal copying and distribution including password-protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems.

You should also read the Terms of Service (ToS) carefully to make sure your stream recording will not violate it. Otherwise we strongly recommend not to make any recordings.

We can record TV shows with a video cassette recorder, DVR, computer TV and it is not considered illegal. Why stream recording of online TV broadcasts should be considered illegal then?

At the same time we do NOT support any illegal distribution of the recorded materials.

100% of video streams we know can be recorded using Screen capture software. We just try to describe a better approach so that our visitors don't waste their time and HD space.

P.S.: If you are a content owner/distributor and you want any information about stream recording from your web-site to be removed from or, please contact us. Please also make sure your visitors can easily find information prohibiting stream recording from your web-site.-Stream Recorder
--- End quote ---

As of yet, the site (nsfw) which this program downloads streams has not contacted to prohibit streams from being downloaded.

Now, let's get to the program.

This is a continued release of AnonCapper's latest source code compiled into a binary. For changes between AnonCapper's release and mine, please see below.

* Fixed infinite loop where if the site 404'd, would cause an infinite loop. It now checks every 30 seconds it if a 404 is detected.
* Added feature where you can double click the taskbar icon and the window will minimize, if minimized, it will bring the window back up.Version

* If the timer gets a WebException, it tries again, FINALLY.
* Added the option to view what's going on in the FFMPEG window.Version

* Fixed unhanded exception if a websocket returned null, or contained an empty list.
* Will now successfully end the GetServers function if the returned reply is null.
* Re-added the timer in addition to the manual model data menu item. This allows for unattended downloads.
* The timer is now 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds.Version

* Removed changed parameters changed in passed to FFMPEG. AnonCapper fixed this and I assumed it wasn't fixed.Version

* Initial DonationCoder.Com release
* The 30 second timer has been replaced with a menu item to retrieve model data.
* An about box has been added, crediting the original author.
* WebClients have been replaced with HttpWebRequests to allow for smoother timeout recoveries
* Now informs user that the icon would go away in case the notify icon did not disappear after closing (such as a hanging thread)
* Changed parameters passed to FFMPEG, a personal preference.
* Compressed the executable with all the plugins into a single executable.
To-Do List:
* Add option to manually recheck the status of all listed users to reflect accurate statuses.
* Add a settings menu to change where the videos are saved and how they are named.
* Add model names to the record list instead of IDs, so people know who they auto record.
* (Slight possibility) Add support for Chaturbate in a separate tab.
* Add option to download latest FFMPEG and FFPLAY
* Add option to filter models by showing only the online models in the inclusion list.

Older versions, not available for download:
SpoilerMFCRecorder - Continued. (575.42 kB - downloaded 46 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (575.44 kB - downloaded 30 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (583.62 kB - downloaded 72 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued. (584.68 kB - downloaded 116 times.)
MFCRecorder - Continued.[Confused](579 KB - downloaded 1581 times.)

File Checksums (MD5):
803ff804f1fd3d40ea25414010becee2 *MFCRecorder.exe
04fe7d0d419c74bd897002fc1b840cc1 *Gat.Controls.AboutBox.dll
e90889ba62bdfec221d3544bf4bcb798 *WebSocket4Net.dll
366cd5572e467b3b06515cfb4ab036ad *Hardcodet.Wpf.TaskbarNotification.dll
31e73af0734f4328879c1d96cdc4658c *log4net.dll
1e027f28a39f21a5470a407ff4052876 *Newtonsoft.Json.dll

Visustotal scan of the most current version.

Seems that many of the kinks have been worked out and refreshing is working well.

However, my recordings are now dropping in .ts format and don't seem to be transcoding to mkv.

Seems that many of the kinks have been worked out and refreshing is working well.

However, my recordings are now dropping in .ts format and don't seem to be transcoding to mkv.
-judger (February 06, 2016, 03:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Interesting. Did you update FFMPEG recently? Usually the file format of the stream is broadcaster independent. Did the model change cameras or software they are using, or is it more than just the one model?

I am also getting .ts but I have no problems viewing the video in Light Alloy.

Would it be possible to switch to the normal broadcast instead if the mobile one?

Would it be possible to switch to the normal broadcast instead if the mobile one?
-Garret (February 08, 2016, 02:25 PM)
--- End quote ---
Hmmm, tricky. I can look into it, but the way the program gathers the data has to be through the mobile version. Perhaps I can add an option to attempt a grab at the normal one.


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