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Official CMS Migration Progress Thread - September 2017

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Recent work has been on improving the sidebar internal "ad" boxes, so they pop-up a little better.

By the way, testers of the beta cms should frequently do Ctrl+F5 to refresh pages and reload css, as I am messing with css files constantly, and you will still have old css files cached unless you do.

The new cms version of the site will should go live this month in December, and I expect will happen simultaneously with a server move (the first since 2010).

I hope everyone will set aside a little money from the holiday stockings as we will do a fundraiser when the new site goes live to help pay for the next year or two of server hosting costs.  :-*

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The new cms version of the site will go live this month-mouser (November 30, 2017, 05:57 PM)
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Already next month for me  ;D


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