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Official CMS Migration Progress Thread - September 2017

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Edited :)

For those testing, there is a new beta test version of the complete site (cms and forum) uploaded with same htaccess password, on a new server:

I'm getting some practice migrating the site to a new server, which will help ensure that I have the procedure down and ensure that it's easy for us to move from one home to another, and that all of our data is easy to backup and restore.

Let me know if you spot anything not working.

Any beta reports on the new site? How does the speed feel compared to the one?

I've tried it a little bit, and it is really fast, as you state. But that can be caused by the fact I was the only user on it...

You might want to put up the same warning you have on the DCISV forum about it being the beta testing site... not that I'm about to write my life's story there (yet) ;D


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