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CPU 100%

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it would be easier with a screenshot (like jgpaiva says try screenshot captor).

but i don't see any processes using 100% of your cpu.

maybe we should ask this preliminary question instead:

you stated in your post:
"My CPU constantly hits 100%"

what makes you say that? what program told you that your cpu is hitting 100%.
does it tell you what process is running at 100%?

WinXPDisableZeroConfigation.exe   140   60.71   Disable zero config   XPDisable0Conf

Eeeeeer, Not good.


looks like philkc may have found your problem..

this looks like a good solution to it:

I'm also going to have a stab at this >_>

Running services.msc and disabling the Zero Configuration service manually would also work...

It all depends if the belkin suppied exe does anything else which you might need...

If it does, go with the services.msc way, else, mouser's link would be best...


Thanks Mouser and PhilKC problem solved my Belkin high speed wireless and router was the issue.

Mouser I have downloaded Screen Captor could I possible have a key?? I know I had one ages ago but can't find it. PM or email me you all my correct contact details.

Many many thanks,



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